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5 Top Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2023

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets ranks among the top home improvements in terms of financial investment and quality of life. Kitchen upgrades deliver a return on investment of up to 83 percent, ranked among the highest of any project. Family members also spend more time in the kitchen than in any other room. Replacing outdated kitchen cabinets only enhances that experience.

At True East Remodeling, we help families get the dream kitchens they deserve. If yours is ready for a makeover, these are top kitchen cabinet trends to consider.

1. Stained-Glass Panels Add Creativity

The use of stained-glass kitchen cabinet doors was once considered an attractive accent. Its popularity waned, but interior designers anticipate a significant revival in 2023. Cabinets that integrate this element bring colors and creativity to the space. Unlike clear glass panels, they don’t allow prying eyes to see inside. That takes the pressure off maintaining perfectly organized shelves.

2. Bold Colors Are Back

Homeowners are expected to infuse vibrant colors into the living space. Reds and deep yellows add excitement to kitchens with low energy. Installing new kitchen cabinets continues to be a cost-effective way to revitalize a room that fails to hold your interest. Working families on a budget can tap the brakes on a complete renovation by investing in colorful cabinets.

3. Natural Wood Finishes Ground Kitchens

Natural wood never seems to go out of style and that won’t change in 2023. The trend in natural wood cabinets is expected to lean toward rustic finishes. That may be due to the sustainability theme running through American culture. People are more interested in growing their own vegetables and canning for the winter. Whatever the reason, rustic kitchens are helping to reground kitchen sensibilities.

4. Metallic Accent Cabinets

The open floor plan trend is driven by the idea of making homes feel more spacious. Accompanying these layouts is the use of whites and light-toned elements. While this strategy successfully made living spaces feel roomy, some feel sterile.

A cost-effective solution involves adding one or more copper- or brass-finished panels. Using a metal or a faux finish, a smartly placed cabinet over the oven or an area in the immediate field of vision tantalizes the eye.

5. Warming Up Kitchen Cabinets

It’s not always possible to improve the peaceful enjoyment of a kitchen by simply installing attractive cabinets. Many of these rooms were designed to provide a balance between wall colors and other elements. That’s why it’s essential to consider repainting the space while upgrading the cabinets. By working with a home improvement professional, you can maximize your return on investment and sense of comfort when you and your loved ones gather.

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