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3 Basement Remodeling Ideas Worth Considering

Remodeling a basement into a usable living space provides families with many benefits. Upgrading the lower level creates a space that can be used for various purposes. Some of the possibilities are a playroom for children, an entertainment space to watch movies and sports, or a quiet den to relax in after a long day. But selecting the right basement style to serve your unique needs isn’t always easy.

At True East Remodeling, we help everyday people remodel underused spaces so they can enjoy the maximum benefits of their homes. If your home is ready for a basement remodel, these ideas are worth considering.

1. Create a Home Theater

Basements can be seamlessly converted into home theaters. They typically lack an abundance of natural light, making them easy to completely blackout small windows. They are also surrounded by thick foundation walls and have no distractions from abutting rooms. These elements make them perfect for a complete home theater.

Homeowners have an abundance of design choices when designing a home theater. You can go with a minimalist black box theater or use stylish materials. Plush carpeting against walls with wainscot walls creates a classic ambiance. An experienced contractor can also build stadium-style levels to position recliners complete with beverage and meal placement opportunities. Add cable television to the mix, and the home theater doubles as a sports den.

2. Gathering Space for Friends and Family

It’s not uncommon for people with limited square footage to only host on outdoor decks and patios during warm weather months. We can all agree New England weather doesn’t offer nearly enough gorgeous days. Remodeling the basement to accommodate family and friends is a wonderful solution.

A portion of the lower level can be converted into a kitchenette. Add a countertop with stools, and people can gather over their beverage of choice, appetizers, or snacks. Mix faux brick backsplashes, tile, plush rugs, light-colored walls, and the basement quickly becomes a comfortable space. The center of the upgraded room can include a long dinner table for parties and food-driven holidays.

3. Create an In-Law Apartment

It’s essential for homeowners to know that in-law apartments are acceptable in most residential areas. Your specific zoning ordinances may differ regarding whether or not the space can be rented. In terms of converting the basement into a private space for a family member, an in-law apartment is like any other renovation.

To accomplish this upgrade, viable plumbing and electricity will be needed. Fortunately, many lower levels already have the infrastructure in place.

Depending on the size and preferences of the person using the space, it can be remodeled as an open floor plan or have partitions. It’s also essential to install windows that allow natural light to freely enter the space and have a fire-safe exit. All of these things are possible when working with an experienced contractor.

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