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How to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa

We all want to be able to relax in our homes, but no space should be more relaxing than the bathroom. Creating a spa-like bathroom isn’t as hard as you might think. With the right features and some smart decorating choices, you can make your bathroom the place to be at the end of a long, hard day. At True East Remodeling, these are some of the changes we recommend to create a bathroom built for relaxation.

1. Heat the Floors

Cold floors make the experience of stepping out of the bathtub or shower a less pleasant experience overall. Heated floors can’t be installed without tearing out the flooring itself, but if your contractor is already installing new flooring tiles in your bathroom, you may as well install an in-floor heating system at the same time! In-floor heating is very energy efficient as well as luxurious, and it provides even heat throughout the bathroom.

2. Install a Towel Warmer

Nothing makes your bathroom quite so spa-like as a towel warmer to heat your towels and terry cloth robe. Towel warmers do more than heat up your towels: they also dry them off. Towel warmers also prevent mildew from growing in your bathroom, by preventing mildew from forming on your damp towel. Towel warmers come in a range of configurations and patterns, so you can choose the warmer that looks the best in your new bathroom.

3. Eliminate Clutter

Nothing creates a chaotic and unnerving environment quite like clutter on the countertops. You can eliminate all that clutter by installing custom-built storage solutions, like custom cabinets and shelving. Having good storage makes it possible to keep your countertops clean and clear. This ultimately can keep your bathroom looking better over time and can help keep the space feeling larger and more open.

4. Add Organic Elements

Spas rely on organic, natural materials to create a relaxing, soothing environment. Plants can help with this. Install potted plants on the countertops or on a tall shelf near a window. At the same time, install other types of natural materials such as stone tiles and stone countertops, and hardwood floors. Use ample natural lighting to create a space that’s relaxed and attractive.

5. Make the Shower and Bath Luxurious

A luxurious bath and shower are the hallmarks of a good spa. Replace your old alcove bathtub with a new free-standing bathtub. Install a separate shower with a rain shower head and full-body shower system to create the ultimate shower experience. Having both methods of bathing in one space gives you the power to choose whichever works best at the moment, so you can select the method of bathing that’s most comfortable for you.

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