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Key Benefits of a Custom Designed Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans create dynamic and spacious living spaces that add to your quality of life. When smartly designed and implemented in a way that enhances a home, open floor plans deliver an excellent return on investment. Perhaps the key to maximizing both your peaceful enjoyment of being at home, as well as property value, involves customization.

The idea behind open floor plans is to remove barriers that make two or more rooms feel cramped and create a grand room. Joining these spaces into one cohesive interior design requires a thoughtful plan emphasizing your family’s aesthetic sensibilities. By working with a contractor who listens and brings your open floor plan to fruition, you can anticipate the following benefits.

1. Makes Your Kitchen a Focal Point

When a kitchen, dining room, and family room are separated by walls, the kitchen is typically relegated as a place to prepare meals and grab quick snacks. In a custom open floor plan, these barriers are removed and that changes the space’s dynamic.

Taking the interior design a step further, elements such as a centralized island and breakfast bar can be integrated. Along with adding value, these elements create a natural gathering space where loved ones come together. Imagine enjoying an informal breakfast, after-school snack with children, or conversing with family members while preparing dinner. Emphasizing the kitchen as a gathering space in a custom open floor plan can bring people together.

2. Open Floor Plans Improve Energy Efficiency

The idea of a large open area might lead some to believe it would cost more to heat and cool. It may seem counterintuitive, but the exact opposite may be true. If your home heating and cooling system is controlled by a few centralized thermostats, the energy spent on underused rooms is largely wasted. By removing barriers, airflow becomes more efficient and it’s not unusual for utility bills to tick down.

Another way that customized open floor plans improve energy efficiency is by increasing natural light. Skylights, larger windows, or a sliding glass door leading to a deck and patio warm the space. The added natural light during the shortened winter months also helps buoy moods.

3. Improves Ability to Host Gatherings

A smartly crafted open floor plan interconnects spaces in a way that allows more people to enjoy them comfortably. This reverses issues associated with several small rooms that feel cramped when hosting birthday parties, holiday gatherings, or just having friends over for dinner. The relaxed layout allows people to organically interact at seating areas such as the dinner table, kitchen seating, or sectional couch.

Another boon involves food and beverage service. Using a kitchen island to display appetizers or serve a buffet-style meal keeps everyone sated and in the same living space. In terms of party planning, open floor plans generally alleviate a great deal of work for the people hosting the get-together.

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